Geurstation Zuiderzee Museum

Many scents evoke memories of bygone days. For a moment you are back in time, reliving a certain occurrence in your youth. Why not go to the Outdoor Museum and pick up the traces of long ago? At twenty locations you can take in aromas recalling the past. These are sometimes foul but they do characterize the age. The odours bring their own narrative. Think of the salty air of the Zuiderzee, of a burning paraffin stove, of cattle on the farm, of the smell of shelled shrimps. Follow your nose and discover the nicest but also filthiest odours.

Scent Station

In the Outdoor Museum you can visit the Scent Station, created by the Ted Noten Studio, where you will be aroused by olfactory stimuli from the past and present. This modern-day installation offers something different for each generation to smell. The olfactory perceptions of the various ages display interesting and surprising disparities. What does a clog smell like, or a leather shoe or a sneaker?
Once your nose has been warmed up, you can help us to describe the aroma of a ‘storm’ and thus contribute to the development of a genuine Zuiderzee perfume. 

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